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About this DC, Virginia + Maryland Wedding Florist

Gorgeous blooms. 
Sustainable practices.
Wildly in-depth collaboration.

Rooted in your vision.

I help modern couples develop new-fashioned ideas while designing gorgeous floral arrangements that bring their wedding ambiance to life. It’s about translating senses and stories into the colors and contrasts of flowers.

Hi, I'm Thai

Maryland wedding florist compelled to create, chase after nature + design with intention

My journey here follows a route reminiscent of the ginkgo biloba leaf in my brand. The leaf is symbolic of duality, or as Goethe said, “two as one,” a reflection of opposing elements coming together.

Mill Creek itself follows a familiar sentiment — the handmade, industrial aspects of “Mill” paired with the natural flow of a “Creek.” My work often contains these opposing elements — wild, but delicate; untamed, but refined.

As an intellectual property lawyer turned all-in wedding florist, I am personally familiar with the necessary, but stark contrast between this type of artistry and precision. It’s a fine line that feels all-embracing to me.

Before founding Mill Creek Florals, I also worked as a freelance floral designer for luxury flower studios across the Baltimore and DC area. Over time, I refined my craft with a focus on modern, design-driven creations that feel more free-flowing than the old-fashioned, stiff bouquets.

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