My approach as a Washington DC wedding florist

Can you help me decide between a la carte and full service?


The main difference is the amount of set-up and breakdown. Full service is fully customized with on-site setup and breakdown offered, whereas a la carte does not offer setup and breakdown (in exchange for lower costs).

If you have loved ones or an event planner who's willing to simply set your centerpieces onto tables at the wedding, a la carte is a great way to achieve an upscale look without upping the fees! I love full-service, though, for its comprehensive approach to the floral aesthetic.

Can you explain the flower demos in the a la carte service?

Yes! One of the biggest pitfalls of a la carte is that it creates an expectation for normal couples to know how to style tablescapes. That’s not a concern here, as I’ll build a demo or example on 1 table at your venue where I'll style a centerpiece with any candles you may have purchased, so you can duplicate this tablescape for the rest of the wedding with confidence.

Will I get to choose the flower types?

With full-service floral design, I will always prioritize your flower preferences, but this is subject to seasonality and market availability. That’s where my creative solutions come into place, in case the flower type you had in mind isn’t available, or is outside of the ideal budget range because it’s not the right season. I’ll suggest replacements in that case, and will adjust the selections based on your feedback.

For a la carte, however, I’ll select the best options based on your season, venue, and aesthetic to save you the costs involved with that customization feature. If choosing the flowers is a must for you, definitely opt for full service!

How do you create sustainable wedding flowers?

Mother Earth is the source of my work, so I do everything I can to protect her, and future floral artwork as a result! This means using reusable + compostable materials instead of the traditional, non-biodegradable floral foam. I reuse + recycle all packaging materials and compost natural waste. I also source my flowers from local farms with seasonal options as much as possible.

How does a la carte pick-up and delivery work?

For the a la carte service, my studio is in Rockville, MD where pick-up is free! Delivery is available for an additional cost, up to one location, within 50 miles of my studio. 

How far in advance should I book?

3 months is typically the minimum for a la carte, but it’s not uncommon for both a la carte and full-service clients to book out as far as 8-12 months in advance!